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We are a non-profit organisation. Our aim is to support people to improve their quality of life through meditation and self-reflection. Our meditation centre is open every day, we offer guided individual and group meditations, support the social life of our members from different cultures, offer nature walks and much more. 

The introduction to meditation is free of charge. Due to general costs of running a meditation centre, we affiliate supporting members. This gives them access to the events we offer.
We hope that through sponsors we will be able to offer even more to the society in the future.

In order to live a life in which we help others, we also engage in voluntary work. This includes: free meditation events for everyone, as well at health fairs.

For a coexistent togetherness we care for the environment and respect all fellow human beings.

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Our goal

Our main concern is to support people with the basis for a peaceful and happy world through meditation, so that they can live well with others. This means to coexist with all people, nature and the world.

We believe that every person is important and valuable. Meditation should make it possible to find and strengthen the true self. With this true mind we can coexist, which ultimately benefits our entire society and helps the world to find more peace.

Our way

We provide a complete method of mind-body meditation with which human completion can be achieved. For this purpose, we offer a step-by-step meditation practice as well as additional relaxation exercises that help to improve the blood-circulation in the body and prevent diseases.

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What is meditation?

We go to school, also to learn how to become (financially) successful and how to cope in society. We focus on how to succeed and become supposedly happy in the material world through external things, mainly through materialistic endeavours. However, this does not enable people to achieve what they actually want, in particular to find true happiness that comes from within. 

Unfortunately, we are not taught where and how to find this happiness within and how to maintain it in everyday life. Meditation is strengthening the mind and body of a person. It is not only about temporary relaxation. It is rather about changing the perspective and letting go of burdens of the mind in order to become free of them and to create permanent changes. 

But meditation can do more than this, it enables one to find the original, true mind within. This can also be called completion of the human being. A complete human being knows the principles of the world and understands why people are born into the world and knows the meaning of human life. He lives worries or burden and is therefore always happy. He has no redundant or unnecessary thoughts, is much more productive, becomes successful and has a long life because he only has stress to a healthy degree. He is truly free. This is in accordance with our original nature. Complete people live for others and help those in need.

Feel in balance and experience positive and tangible results every day

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Meditation Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of our community members. All donations are tax deductible and will go towards assisting working and low income student achieve their meditation goals of living stress free and happy lives. Thank you on behalf of our students for your donation.

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