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Accompanying rules for membership and meditation at Berlin-Meditation e. V.

1. I accept that I will benefit from this meditation to the extent that I make a sincere effort to follow the method as I have been instructed. My progress may not necessarily be reflected in the number of hours or meditation cycles I have completed.

2. Claims for personal injury or property damage against the association, the meditation teachers and other volunteers in connection with participation in this meditation at Berlin-Meditation e. V. are excluded to the extent permitted by law.

3. I am aware that meditation is not a substitute for medical counselling or treatment. The staff of Berlin Meditation have no medical licence, they do not diagnose, nor do they treat illnesses, want to cure them or recommend medication. In the case of certain illnesses (including schizophrenia and bipolar disorders), a specialist medical examination is mandatory in order to clarify the prerequisites for this meditation.

4. I promise that I will not make any video, audio, image or other recordings of the meditation and other Berlin Meditation events.

5. I hereby acknowledge that no one is permitted to teach and instruct the meditation method without having received appropriate training from the staff of Berlin Meditation.

6. I agree to the storage of my personal data and - limited to persons authorised with a password - to the digital documentation of my meditation process, both exclusively for the purposes of the association.  I revocably agree to communicative contact with the association, including with meditation guides and helpers, via digital media (e.g. by e-mail including newsletter via website/WhatsApp) in compliance with legal standards, such as data protection.

7. It is possible to cancel the membership at any time without notice, a refund of already paid contributions is not possible.

With this declaration I join Berlin-Meditation e. V. as a supporting member in accordance with the accompanying rules, which I expressly accept. As a supporting member, I can regularly participate in meditation courses and other events and offers of the association, including those via digital media. The board of Berlin-Meditation e. V. reserves the right to exclude members in justified exceptional cases. A copy of the statutes can be requested at any time.

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