We are a non-profit meditation organization, and our goal is to accompany and promote the practice of meditation in Berlin through a guided meditation program that will improve quality of life in every person, as well as strengthen their immune system and generating mental and emotional balance. With us you can learn how to meditate, or as well deepen your meditation practice. 

We are committed to bring meditation to everyone by providing a space dedicated to the deep practice of mediation. We open our meditation center every day of the week, we provide individual and group meditation, we promote gatherings and activities with social purposes, walks in nature, consultations, etc.

Our mission is to help people and the community in general to build and to live in a more peaceful and empathetic world through meditation. During the process and after completing our meditation, when opening heart and mind, people realize how important and meaningful it is to help others with the talent and tools that they have, generating a change of consciousness in favor of welfare and common development.


Meditation is free to the first-time practitioner, but due to the general costs of running a meditation center we receive a monthly donation of those who wish to have access to all of the services we offer. These resources are used for the people’s needs like meditation supplies, a warm atmosphere, place to meditate, etc. And just like any other nonprofit organization or entity, rent, cost of utilities, payroll, and other fees must be adequately covered. However, our hope is that in the future, we can offer this meditation for free to everyone.


We are promoting textile collection campaigns with our staff, with our members or with the general public. We take care of collecting (if necessary), classifying and organizing every textile product like clothes or blankets, and then deliver them to organizations that are responsible for delivering them to people in need or generating cooperation and social aid programs.


We collect food that would be dumped by supermarkets. Before it is thrown out, we rescue it, sort and wash it, so that we can share it with members and people in need. We also bring it to local organizations that give it to people that need it the most.


We offer meditation seminars and free consultation to the people that have difficulties to live their life. Today, many people are dealing with mental problems that derive from anxiety, melancholy, insomnia, anger, hatred, etc. Poor mental health can cause not only personal problems to a person who suffers from it, but also can cause serious problems in his environment and in the whole society such as work deficiency, crime and general distrust. So, at Berlin Meditation we believe that the most important thing for human beings is to live with a strong and healthy mind and broad consciousness. Through our free seminars and consultations, we give tools to people that will help them to get rid of all negative minds and life happy lives.

Feel in balance and experience positive and tangible results every day

In cooperation with another independent Meditation organization we offer a free online guided group meditation session to contribute our grain of sand to overcome all the negative effects and mental difficulties that this new reality and COVID-19 has generated. We operate it once a week. Participants are very satisfied with the sessions and feel that all the stress, anxiety and mental burdens gradually decrease or disappear.

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Berlin Meditation e.V. is a non-profit association.

Through our free seminars and consultations, we give people tools to help them get rid of all negative thoughts and lead a happy life.

By making a donation you are helping us to help others, thank you!

All donations are tax deductible.

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