Research on the Effects of Meditation

Aktualisiert: 8. Apr 2020

There is an interesting research about effects of our meditation on breast cancer survivors and their psychological well-being by the Seoul National University Hospital. There are two groups, one is participating in our meditation program, the other is taking part in a self-care education program.

The group MM (yellow line) is the group participating in the meditation program and the group SME (grey line) is the group taking part in a self-care education program.

Here we can see, people practicing our meditation have a higher reduction of their stress levels than people practicing the self-care education program.

This diagram shows a depression parameter. It is clear to see that the group with meditation reduced their depression more than the group with a self-care education.

The diagram above is presenting the test peoples' score for Satisfaction with life. Here it is visible that there is a lot of improvement for the people practicing meditation, whereas the people practicing a self-care education almost haven't got any changes at all.

Within this diagram we can see that people practicing our meditation have an increased Posttraumatic growth Index (PtGI) in a better way than people practicing the self-care education program.

So this research is clearly showing that practicing our meditation program has better results for reduced stress and depression, and improved satisfaction of life and PtGI than practicing self-care education.


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