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We provide a complete method of mind-body meditation with which human completion can be achieved. For this purpose, we offer a step-by-step meditation practice as well as additional relaxation exercises that help to improve the blood-circulation in the body and prevent diseases.

People are incomplete because they live inside their own illusory world of pictures.

This consists of their life lived (karma), habits and body. People create their own mind world without realising and live in it.

The True World & The Picture World

The Picture World Overlaps the True World

We do not live in the original world but in a world that we have made for ourselves, this world we call illusory world or world of pictures. People do not know that they live in the world of pictures because it overlaps the original world.

In order to escape from this world of pictures, our stress, we let the illusory pictures and concepts that we have made disappear. We let go because we do not want to live as slaves to these pictures and concepts. Only then it is possible to live in the original world and feel truly happy.

The way to confirm the original mind within.

The Simple Path

​​​The method is created as a program of seven steps; each step is simply a different technique designed to expand your consciousness to the original mind. Each step is explained face-to-face by a meditation guide with great care and compassion, always respecting your individual process.

Becoming Your True Nature

Our proven meditation practice can help you gain a new sense of control and tranquility in your life, not just for a short period of time, but for your entire life.
Please take the time to give yourself room to progress step by step, experience something new and notice amazing results.

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Through our free seminars and consultations, we give people tools to help them get rid of all negative thoughts and lead a happy life.

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