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Brain scientists realised 20 years ago that every person lives in their own mind world. As we can see, this gives rise to many conflicts and misunderstandings in the world. It is also a reason why people feel unclear, stressed and lonely.


When you shed your own mindworld through meditation, you find the best version of yourself and live in harmony with people and the world.


Meditation is a transformative experience not only for self-development, but also for the positive collective consciousness of society.

As a non-profit organisation, Berlin Mediation would like to make a contribution to this,



- Be the change you wish to see the world -



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What you can let go of:

  • Blockages & Resistances

  • Current pressures & stress

  • Negative thoughts & worries

  • Uncertainty & Doubt

What you will find within yourself:

  • Inner calm & peace

  • Joy of life & happiness

  • Wisdom & Clarity

  • Energy & Consciousness of the Universe

Vergleich vor und nach dem Loslassen Berlin Meditation

This meditation is guided

It consists of three steps: reflect, let go, act.

Reflect: You will be supported step by step in reflecting on your life, focussing on taking a step back and gaining a neutral perspective. Through this process you will find your thoughts, emotions and feelings within, which are the causes of your problems. This is where you achieve enlightenment.

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Let go of burden.png

Letting go: You can actively and consciously let go of thoughts, burdens, pain and stress. This trains us to keep our mind clear and healthy at all times. You feel mindful and alive. At this point, you experience the energy and consciousness of the universe.

Act: Our meditation is about changing and taking action. If your life does not change, then you should continue to reflect on the cause and let go so that you can lead a happy and harmonious life.

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Scientists such as the quantum physicist Max Plank say that the infinite emptiness of the universe consists of energy and consciousness.

Sakyamuni Buddha also said a long time ago that it is the real existence, the truth.


People perceive the world through their sensory organs and create their own world of thoughts. Negative thoughts, emotions and feelings are located within this self-made mental world. They live in this illusory world and suffer from it.


(Reference: Gerald Hühter: Operating instructions for a human brain)


Through meditation you can let go of this human mind and become free of stress, fears, burdens, pain and negative thoughts. 

The more you meditate, the more you experience the consciousness of the universe that has been covered up by the human mind.


When you are reborn as the energy and consciousness of the universe, you reach human completion. You find truth within yourself. Eternity exists in this moment.


In our meditation, you experience the human world of thoughts through reflection and the true world through letting go.

Effects of meditation on our brain

Free your mind

trauriges Gehirn Berln Meditation.png
  • negative thoughts

  • worries

  • false judgements

  • egoism

  • depression

Improve your life

  • positive mind

  • peaceful mind

  • tolerance

  • compassion

  • Self-esteem

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