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Welcome to Berlin Meditation, a non-profit centre that teaches a profound meditation method originating from the Foundation of Support for the True Mind Training in South Korea, founded in 1996. Our meditation practice offers a way to understand human consciousness and how it creates stress, pain, mental burdens and other challenges. Step by step, the method helps to overcome the limitations of the thought construct and recognise the true consciousness within us.


Berlin-Meditation e.V. was registered as a non-profit organisation in Berlin in 2015. Since then, we have adapted this method to the needs of people and the local culture in Germany. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to find and cultivate a healthy and clear consciousness within themselves, in a simple way. We want to encourage people to integrate meditation into their daily lives to experience all the benefits. The team in Berlin is grateful for the support and encouragement of all who share our vision.


Our meditation-based programmes have been developed for schools, universities, businesses, government agencies and organisations worldwide. Especially in these fast-paced times, more and more people are seeking clarity of thought and awareness.


Regardless of religion, nationality, age, gender or social background, meditation unites us and promotes harmony.


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Our center

We offer guided meditation mainly in German, but also in English, Korean and Spanish. As the meditation programm runs well online, you can join our sessions every day no matter where you live. Not only people living in Berlin, but also in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other countries meditate together. 

Our centre has 3 specialities.

  • Firstly, it is a unique meditation method that is easy to follow. It works. The 7-step method is systematically taught according to the meditation level of the members. You will experience the benefits of meditation for yourself.

  • Second, our meditation team. 4 experienced meditation leaders will guide you until you reach your goal. And several assistant helpers work voluntarily.

  • Thirdly, our sincere members who have the same will to find the True Mind within. By cleansing the negative mind, together we create positive vibrations.


Our non-profit organisation is run by membership fees and donations. 

Are you interested in joining our group? We would love to get to know you through a free introductory seminar. Feel free to book.

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The origin of

our meditation

There are many meditation methods. The method we teach at Berlin Meditation has its origins in South Korea. It has been practiced since approx. 30 years worldwide. It is now taught in around 400 centres around the world.

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The goal

of meditation

Our meditation aims to discover our true nature. Everyone lives in their own world of thoughts, which causes stress and a variety of problems. It consists of countless "images" (thoughts, feelings, memories) that we have accumulated over the course of our lives and that obscure our true nature.

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The method

Our method is simple and easy to apply - no matter whether young or old!

Through Self-reflection we recognize our own deceptive spiritual world and free ourselves from it. The method comprises seven stages in which the false mind world is released. Our mind becomes free, blockages are released, we come into Action and necessary Changes can be achieved.

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We believe that meditation is a fundamental study and foundation for everyone. As a non-profit organization, we offer free meditation programs so that everyone can benefit. In order to develop and promote more useful programs, we are grateful for any donation. 
Have you tried our free programs yet? Do you like them? If so, your donation is a great encouragement to our volunteers.

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Thank you very much,

Berlin Meditation

Berlin-Meditation e.V. is a Non-Profit registered organisation - VR 31709 B.
All donations are tax deductible.

Berlin-Meditation e. V. is a Google Ad Grants recipient. The Google Ad Grants programme supports registered non-profit organisations, including many that share Google's philosophy of community service and want to improve our world through social engagement in areas such as science and technology, education, public health, the environment, youth services and the arts. Google Ad Grants is an advertising programme that helps non-profit organisations showcase free online advertising on Google search results pages.

Are you travelling a lot? Would you like to be guided in your native language? Find the method in other parts of the world too.

Find the German-language online centre here:

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