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We all mediate together! We let go of all the stress, worries and burdens of everyday life even more easily and effectively. Just try a meditation! We offer free weekly events as well as a deeper meditation programme. In this way, step by step, we can confirm the original mind, which is truth, within us.

Every day there is a chance to learn how to meditate and deepen your meditation practice. We invite you to a free introduction! Get to know everything about this meditation, why we are meditating and what we are achieving. Book the free Introduction Online now! Daily at 12 and 19 o'clock.

Once a week Europe is meditating! Every Sunday at 11 AM. 
We are gathering and joining a guided meditation experience that will help you every day to live with a positive mind. Book the Europe Meditation Event to see us on Sunday via Zoom. Thank you!

Especially now we would like to go further together and support each other. All the worries, burdens and the negativity is blocking us to find answers and resolve conflicts in every day life. Get a free consultation about how it is possible to stop the thought circles and get solutions from within. Do not hesitate to try the free Online Consultation and book with us.

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