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the method, that liberates you

Meditation is about more than temporary relaxation.
It's about permanently shifting our perspective to
create lasting change.

Feel better every day by finding yourself and becoming one with people and the world. With our original, wise mind, life is easy and enriching for ourselves and others. Everything is found within, we guide you there.

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Our meditation method allows you to get rid of the root of all the thoughts, worries and ambiguity and live and act naturally with the eternal wise mind.
There are three simple steps:

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Let go of burden.png
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Meditation for everyone

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This method is a systematically built process,
a step-by-step guided meditation program, in which
anyone can participate, regardless of age and meditation experience.

True Liberation

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Suppressing the negative mind and difficulties or masking them with positive things is not a solution to stress or pain, nor does it lead to true enlightenment. However, when we remove the negative, false, illusory experiences and thought patterns from the past, we are liberated from these stresses and pains. The original pure mind is revealed and that is true liberation!

Letting go is the solution

Zeichen Berlin Meditation (10.6 × 2 cm).png

The method for releasing the negative mind is a seven-step process, with the help of which we clear the mind as we progress from step to step. First we look at the life we have lived and at ourselves, and then we use the method to remove the negative, illusory images and thoughts of the past life, habits and the image of the body. Then the consciousness expands. By expanding the consciousness, one can get to know one's true self and thus see the world from a different perspective.

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Hjortur H. 

Already during the first week I felt that I could do my job more concentrated. In my work with computers, I need patience and focus all day. I am on task without moving or thinking about anything else.

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