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How can I find the meaning of life?

I have searched all my life for the meaning of life: why we are born; live and die; why there is so much suffering and violence in the world; intolerance of otherness; and towards the faith of others? I have read many books, studied forms of religion, learned various spiritual practices. All of them go in the same direction: they ask people to give up their ego, to return to the original source and foundation and that we are all part of the same Creator. I evolved by reading all these teachings and created my own faith. Yet, I felt that I was not becoming one with the Creator nor understanding the cause of the universe because no one was showing me the way.

I discovered this meditation through a friend. Unfortunately, the nearest center was in Paris. Despite the distance and numerous trips from Geneva to Paris, I regularly go to meditate. Recently, I discovered the center in Berlin and went there to meditate. I finally found a method that shows me the way. What joy! I was released from the prison of my thoughts and feelings, which were my own blinders, to find my true identity. I always feel light and happy and I am deeply grateful to this meditation.

Shelly V.


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