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"Thank you" and "I am sorry"

Before, I lived with a lot of anxieties and fears. In my head it was boiling, I ruminated constantly, and all my thoughts were spinning in my head. I wanted to have explanations and answers on everything (I was very mental) It was very tiring. With the method, I learned to throw, to empty my mind, to let go and at that moment I felt the universe. I understood that it is useless to put everything in place in my head, everything will be done as it should be. In reality, everything is simple, it was me who was complicating in my mind who wanted to control everything. With this method Life has become simpler, everything is in its place, and everything is fine. In my life, it's not the events that have changed, it's the way I see things that has changed. Instead of struggling to face them, to welcome them and see what the Universe wants to tell me and by that what I still have to let go.

Since I practice this method, 2 words are part of my vocabulary: "Thank you" and "I am sorry ".

- Marie-Claire


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