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What shall I do when everything goes wrong in my life?

What shall I do in my life?

What do I want to become? How do I want to make my living? How can I live when life does not seem to make any sense? Can I go on living like this?

These were questions that I asked myself about four years ago. It is not long ago, that I have been completely overwhelmed by what we call ‘being alive’. I decided to quit everything I started so far. My job, my studies, living in my home country. I needed to go somewhere, I needed to be somewhere else, do something different. I left with nothing but a suitcase trying to find some sense in this life. I decided the only thing being of value is to help people not being able to find their place in society. I was lucky to find a job as a supported living facilitator in Auckland, New Zealand. At this time, after deciding this, things started to change for me as well. I met a meditation method to completely let go of what I called my life so far. I quickly understood through the explanations of my meditation guide that my senses capture every moment in a picture and through my brain every picture is perceived and interpreted. I was living in a world made of pictures. Pictures of suffering, anxiety, empty relationships, pictures of what I called love, friends or even family. These produce expectations and judgements within my mind. Automatically by taking new pictures through the senses these judgements and preconceptions are the base for perceiving the world, forming an individual mind world of pictures. I truly enlightened through the meditation that I was stuck within these pictures repeating the same thoughts living within my mind world, not in the real world.

After stepping out of the pictures that I had lived in, everything just happened naturally. I returned to my home country. Now I can connect truly with my family and found true friends. I am a meditation guide now. I can share with people what made me become free, share the key to become free of the self-made world that makes questions, doubts, suspicion, worries and stress arise. It is possible to be without burdens and to live in the real world. We can find within, what we should do in this life.

All just happened through calling into question my whole self-made mind world, which is overlapping the real world, and by this stepping out of that picture world, like waking up from a dream. Now I naturally sustain my living with what makes me happy to the utmost. After enlightening everything is within me, life makes complete sense. I can live with confidence in a true place without questioning life and just knowing.

Please also watch this.

Thank you!


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