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How can I have a clear mind?

I now let the first thoughts disappear every day after waking up.


Dreams and fragments of dream images disappear and no longer occupy me. What a quality to start the day! Everything feels much lighter, the mind is clearer and free!

I came to Vienna Meditation around the turn of the year through Facebook. A few times I went to the page, read the description and finally made myself an introductory appointment.

The first conversation convinced me immediately and I started with level 1. What these levels should actually contain, I could not quite imagine yet. After the first cycles I felt a certain movement within me. With all the images that came up, there was always stress. I could now throw all that away: everything that had been stored in me for decades could now disappear.

It was a great experience and realization every time.

Soon I noticed that I slept better and deeper. Situations didn't upset me so much anymore, I got more distance to them, one or the other story, I can now see everything from a distance, observe it more and also let it be.

The prerequisite is sufficient and regular meditation, as well as permanent contact with the helpers.

With reaching level 5 I could experience something like a breakthrough. I was filled with joy and bliss. This method is really very effective. In a short time it is possible to say goodbye to the old and to penetrate into deep, hidden layers. I am very grateful for this.

I would especially like to thank the helpers who guide and support me with their clear and professional manner.

If resistance or doubts arise, clarity and motivation can be found in a detailed conversation with them.



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